Do You Love Woodworking?


It’s exciting to turn ideas into beautifully finished cabinets or pieces of furniture.


Now You Can Learn To Make Money Using These Skills.


My eBook ,“Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business,” contains all the information you need to start making money from the very first job. If your goal is to serve your woodworking customers professionally, make money from every project, get started without a major investment, and continue to enjoy woodworking fully, this book is for you.


In my business I could tell my customers exactly what I could do for them and know that I would be able to deliver because I was the one who would do the work and answer all their questions. If this is what you want, then my eBook “Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business” is the perfect guide for you.

Dear Bill,

I recently purchased your "
Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business" book and I would like to make some comments please.

Having been a part-time woodworker for almost 30 yrs, I had always wanted to start my own business but was never really quite sure about how to go about it. Your book describes the process in a clear, concise manner while at the same time advising of the potential pitfalls. This has helped me to go into my business with my eyes wide open. I especially like the simplified woodworking concept and will adapt some of my methods to this style in an effort to be more productive.

I also like the fact that you personally respond to emails. There are other products on the net that seem to be run by auto-responders, not humans!

I will be pleased to offer a personal testimonial should the need ever arise.


Thank you Bill. Kind regards.


Neil Rogers, Australia.


Hello Bill,


Your book entitled "Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business" is very comprehensive. You did an amazing job writing it! It answered every question I could possibly ask about my woodworking business. I recommend "Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business" to anyone in this business! As part of my ongoing mission to find the best tools to run my woodworking business, this is without a doubt at the top of my list.


Chris Looney


Hardwood Technology

Custom Cabinets & Woodworking

Are you operating a woodworking business? Do you want to make money with your woodworking skills but haven't started because of fear of failure or of losing money that you simply don't have? Or, have you already started but are having difficulty getting customers and making a profit?


I know how that feels. I started my woodworking business with no capital, a few shop tools, and a lot of nerve, in a small 10 foot by 20 shop space. Gradually it grew into a 1,400 square foot space while remaining a one person business.

Being raised in the construction business, I had pretty good carpentry skills but I had a lot to learn

about furniture and cabinets. And my business skills were limited. Because of that, I made a lot of

costly mistakes getting started. Over time I refined my skills and learned profitable business

techniques. In spite of those early mistakes, I made my entire living from woodworking for more than

20 years.


If there had been someone to guide me during those early times, I could have avoided most of those

mistakes. The good thing is that I learned a lot from them and I didn't repeat them. Now you can learn

how to avoid all of the mistakes I made and hit the ground running.


Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business: How To Make Money With Your Skills," helps you avoid losing money and many other potential problems during your business startup. I won't tell you that this is easy to do. It is a lot of work but my book covers everything that worked for me for over 20 years.


With that information you will work effectively and profitably and enhance your present skills while operating a financially successful full-time or part-time woodworking business. You can start small and either grow a larger business or simply stay small and use your skills as a lucrative sideline. The choice is yours.

With my complete and comprehensive eBook is a complete guide that covers every step detail so nothing is left to chance and you can get started making money immediately.

Reach out to and sell potential woodworking customers in

your area.


Build quality projects quickly using simplified

woodworking methods to gain and please customers.


Create accurate and profitable woodworking project

quotes to ensure that every job is profitable.


Learn methods to ensure that you get paid in full for every

woodworking job you take on. This is critical to your

financial success.


Keep accurate records on your business activities to avoid IRS problems.

Starting And Operating A Woodworking Business contains much more valuable information as listed below. Everything you need for starting a woodworking business and making money with your skills.

Motivation and Discipline: Are you a self motivated and
disciplined person? These important attributes are critical to financial success. This is most important to you in starting a woodworking business full time but also important to everyone to help get the job done.

Strongest Skills: Learn how to use your strongest skills to get your
business into a profit mode quickly. It also helps you in starting a
woodworking business since you are doing work that is familiar to you.

Advertising and Selling: Learn how to make the best of a limited
budget and good selling skills. Selling does not have to be difficult.
There are easy and simple ways to sell woodworking jobs.

Starting and Staying in Business: This is critical to your financial
success. Whether full or part time you want to continue making money. So starting a woodworking business quickly and staying in business over the long haul is important.

Guarantees: If you want to get customers, a good guarantee is
important. Learn how to guarantee your work to protect yourself and
your customers.

Complaints: How you handle complaints will make the difference
between success and failure. Learn the best way to handle complaints. Doing this right can turn a bad experience into a long term money maker.

Subcontractors: As your business grows, you may need some help.
The best way to handle that situation is with subcontractors. Learn how to handle these arrangements carefully to avoid problems with the IRS.

Expansion: When starting a woodworking business expanding can be a serious mistake. Learn what to do when faced with the need for
expanding your business.

How Much To Charge: This is probably the most difficult subject for a wood worker. If you

charge too much, the prospect may not become a customer. Charge too little and you could lose money. It's critical to get this right on every job. I had to learn it the hard way but with Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business: How To Make Money With Your

Skills, you get a complete and easy to use formula for calculating the price of every job.


Also included is a method to test the accuracy of your pricing. The eBook also explains how to raise your prices as you become well known in your community. This topic alone will make you many times the price of the book when starting a woodworking business.


Why not order your copy now for only $29.95 by clicking on the Get Your

Copy Now button below so you can make more money and avoid costly mistakes.

The rest of my eBook explains even more alternative and simple woodworking methods for starting a woodworking business. You will find many more chapters brimming with valuable information, instructions, and drawings to help you make more money with your woodworking skills.


Remember, everything in my eBook is based on my first-hand experience over more than 20 years. I sold every job, created every design, built every project, handled my own accounting and income tax preparation and I share all of that with you. These methods can work for you also.

The Projects and Project Drawings: With detailed instructions and

drawings of eight different projects, you will learn and understand the

simplified methods that will help you build quality projects quicker and

easier. You can practice the methods with these projects and even sell the completed projects or give them to family or friends. You can also

photograph them for use in a photo album of your work.

My eBook will help you make more money using your woodworking skills as a sideline or

in a full time woodworking business and I have included much more in it as listed below:


Drawings of Customer Projects: For most jobs, customers need to see drawings to make certain you know exactly what they want. This doesn't have to be difficult and samples of my drawings will help you learn how to prepare simple drawings for your quotes. Included are one page drawings and a complete set of drawings used for a large cabinet job.


Business Forms: Also included are samples of the forms you need to

deal with your wood working customers when starting a woodworking

business. There is also a contract form and an addendum you can use for those cases where additional details or specifications are required.

To consistently make money with your woodworking skills requires adherence to some basic rules. The next few subjects outline those rules and help you to stay safe when starting a woodworking business.

Safety: Using power tools can be dangerous; many machines used in wood working can cause severe injuries in a split second of inattentiveness. Safety should be a top priority to every wood worker.

Ten Basic Rules: These rules help to ensure financial success. I suggest you commit them to memory for easy use.

Fitness: Self employment can be stressful and demanding, so physical,

mental and emotional fitness are covered in this section.

Final Notes: These are just some final thoughts that you will find helpful. Some are new and many simply bear repeating.

Marketing and Selling Aids: My book covers several methods to help you sell woodworking projects to your prospects. Here you will learn several low cost marketing lessons to help you succeed financially when starting a woodworking business.



Glossary: This is a complete glossary of terms directly related to the wood working business.

Credit Card Sales: Learn how to setup for and use credit card sales in your business. Credit cards are not essential for large projects but with smaller projects, accepting credit cards often makes the sale.


Photo Albums: Learn how to create and use photo albums to show customers your work. Most of your customers won’t know you initially and will be hesitant to trust your abilities without samples of your work. Photo albums serve this function perfectly.


Web Sites: Learn how to use web sites to sell your wood work. Web sites are the perfect 24/7 sales tool for all your Internet surfing customers.

Your purchase includes two bonuses within the same book. Read about bonus number one below.

The Podium/Lectern Business Project


A Money Making Project For Woodworkers. This bonus section describes in detail a business project that any woodworker can start immediately. I followed this plan myself and sold thousands of dollars worth of podium/lecterns in the first week. Included are complete drawings, materials lists, and in depth instructions plus all the help you need to start selling. The following chapters are included in this concise book section:

About The Lectern Business Project

Tells you how to get started with this potentially lucrative business.


An Introduction To The Instructions

Details of how to use the instructions for building the lecterns quickly and easily.


List of Materials For The Lecterns

A detailed list of the materials needed to build the lecterns. Using

this list you can price the materials in your area and choice the best



The Best Way To Cut The Parts

Describes the best way to safely and effectively cut all the parts for

building the lecterns.


Helpful Drawings

Includes a set of drawings for the standup and tabletop lecterns to

help you see how they are cut and assembled.


Side Panel Edging Preparation and Glue Up

Detailed instructions for applying the all important and protective

side panel edging and how best to glue it up to avoid glue messes.


Preparing The Side Panels For Assembly

Best way to prepare the completed side panels for final assembly of

the lecterns once the edging has been applied.


The Center Section Preparation and Glue Up

Detailed instructions on how to prepare and glue up the center

section of the lecterns.


Assembling The Lectern

The best way to assemble and glue up the lecterns to avoid poor

alignment and glue messes that can be troublesome to clean.


Assembling The Final Parts

Easiest way to assemble the final parts that are fastened after the

lectern units have been assembled.


Finishing The Lecterns

Various methods to finish the lecterns to help you select the one best suited to your particular work space and abilities.


Installing The Final Parts

How to install the final parts after they are assembled.

Read about bonus number two below.

Laminating Counter and Desk Tops


Covering Tops and Cabinets With Plastic Laminate. Over the years, I found plastic laminate to be a popular product for cabinet and furniture tops. It ensures durable and easy to clean surfaces. This eBook contains complete instructions for building and laminating cabinet and furniture tops using plastic laminate. Everything you need to know to laminate your own tops.

About Plastic Laminate

Informative details about the plastic laminate often referred to as

Formica (trademark).


About Laminate Covered Tops

Information about countertops that are covered with plastic laminate



Description of Laminate-clad Tops

A detailed description of the various kinds of tops that are clad with

plastic laminate.


Materials Needed For Most Tops

Materials list of what is needed for covering countertops with plastic



Tools Needed For Laminating

Complete list of the tools needed to do a good job laminating

countertops with plastic laminate.


About Plastic Laminate Trimmer Bits

In depth information on the various plastic laminate trimmer bits and

how they are used.


Measure Carefully To Ensure A Good Fit

How to measure countertops to make certain you always get the best

possible fit regardless of the condition of the walls.


Obtaining and Cutting The Materials

How to get plastic laminate and the best ways to cut it for the various

kinds of tops.


Assembling The Components of The Top

Complete instructions on how to assemble the components of various

countertop profiles and shapes.


Assembling The Top

How to assemble the various kinds of tops.


Filing The Plastic Laminate Edges

Details on the critical step of filing the edges of the plastic laminate on

all kinds of tops.


Fitting and Installing The Top

How to fit the top to assure a quality installation.


Special Tops

A description of special profiles and shapes of countertops.


Drawings of Laminate-clad Tops

Detailed drawings of various styles of countertops.

These two additional book sections will help you start making money almost immediately. Every detail is covered so you can hit the ground running and have projects to work on and sell right away.


If you are not completely satisfied with my eBook "Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business: How To Make Money With Your Skills," I will give you a full refund of your purchase price. You have nothing to lose so place your order now by clicking the Get Your Copy Now button below. Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business: How To Make Money With Your Skills, plus the two bonus book sections is yours for only $29.95.

Have questions? Please email me at: Thank You.

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Starting And Operating A Woodworking Business is also available in a paperback version for the same price of $29.95 plus shipping. If you would prefer a paperback version instead of the eBook, please click below for the correct link. The paperback version contains all the same information including the bonuses.

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